EGPC is  a small club whose members are concerned about the plight of Great Pyrenees who become displaced or homeless and are in need of rehoming.  Our Rescue Program focuses on connecting these Pyrs with  families or individuals who can offer them a loving and appropriate forever home.   Because our fostering resources are very limited, we network with other rescue sources.   The main focus of the EGPC Rescue Program is pure bred Great Pyrenees but occasionally we work with Pyr mixed breeds.  


If you are interested in adopting a Great Pyrenees please contact:

Available Dogs


Andy is a very sweet 6 year old neutered male Great Pyrenees mix. He is a very large boy

weighing a healthy 104 lbs.  He has a long coat with a golden tinge. 

About Andy:

     - was raised as a house dog and is housebroken.  

     - is great on leash and loves to go for walks. 

     - likes to play with squeaky toys and will even retrieve until he gets bored  - the

       typical Pyr in him!

     - gets along with chickens & indoor cats

     - loves to be groomed & told he's "pretty"

     - can be very dominant with other dogs so he

       may need to be in an only dog family

     - can be protective of his family if he feels there

       is a threat          

     - because his original family was home most of

       the day a good match for Andy would be a similar             situation

    If you are interested in adopting Andy please contact EGPC Rescue at one of the email addresses listed above.

Laura Olson
Day & Bet Moss
Patty Court