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Enchantment Great Pyrenees Club Membership

EGPC offers members opportunities to participate in activities with their Pyrs as well as educational events.


Pyrnics are fun events where members can bring their dogs out and share experiences and information with fellow members. Sometimes there are activities such as games or an obstacle course for owners to maneuver with their dogs. We are always open to suggestions for fun activities for our members and their white furry friends.


We have offered educational events such as grooming, canine massage therapy, carting and Pyr hair spinning to name a few. 


We have had Fall Foliage walks with members and their dogs which was fun for both dogs and people.

Since our members are dedicated to working with rescue dogs, we participate in Rescue Events and other events where we can educate the public about Great Pyrenees. At these events we also raise funds to continue our club's rescue efforts through donations.

If you are interested in becoming a member of  EGPC, please contact:

Nancy Wood Taber 

Fun at a Pyrnic

Carting event

Serving as breed ambassadors at public events

Showing the versatility of a Pyr at a Rescue Fair





      Together with the Bearded Collie Club and the English Cocker Spaniel Club, the GPCA is the recipient of one of the first 3 Westminster Kennel Club Gives Back Dog Rescue Awards. Parent Clubs were invited to submit an application to be considered for one of the first 3 awards given for the first time by the Westminster Kennel Club at its 2018 show. 


    Great Pyrenees of America volunteers took in nearly 80 Great Pyrenees last year from a Florida home where they were neglected. 

    The 18 page submission utilized comments and photos from the GoFundMe site set up by Joan Ziel; the GPCA Bulletin articles written by Janet Ingram; and oral data from both Janet and Kathy Lee. As a result, in early December, GPCA was informed that they were one of the 3 clubs to recieve the $5000 award. The award will be presented prior to Westminster Group Judging, Monday February 12th. 


Upcoming Events

There are currently no events scheduled

 Please check back for updates

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